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The Palladium, Champery, Switzerland - A DIVISION
22-29 November 2014
Date Time (CET) Draw Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D Sheet E
Fri 21 Nov 1045 Team Meeting
Practice (10 min each sheet)
1520 W rus den sco sui fin
1700 W cze lat est swe ger
1900 Opening Ceremony followed by the Welcome Reception at the Palladium
Sat 22 Nov 1100-1400 M1 ITA v SWE DEN v GER SCO v NOR LAT v CZE SUI v RUS
1500-1800 w1 den v sco sui v fin swe v ger cze v lat rus v est
1900-2200 M2 GER v LAT SWE v CZE SUI v ITA RUS v NOR DEN v SCO
Sun 23 Nov 0800-1100 w2 fin v cze sco v lat rus v den est v ger sui v swe
1200-1500 M3 NOR v DEN ITA v RUS SWE v LAT SCO v SUI GER v CZE
1600-1900 w3 ger v sui den v est sco v cze swe v rus fin v lat
2000-2300 M4 CZE v SUI SCO v LAT RUS v GER NOR v ITA SWE v DEN
Mon 24 Nov 0900-1200 w4 lat v rus swe v cze est v fin ger v den sco v sui
1400-1700 M5 SCO v GER SUI v SWE ITA v CZE DEN v RUS LAT v NOR
1900-2200 w5 swe v fin rus v sco den v lat sui v est cze v ger
Tue 25 Nov 0800-1100 M6 SUI v NOR GER v ITA LAT v DEN CZE v SCO RUS v SWE
1200-1500 w6 rus v ger fin v den cze v sui lat v swe est v sco
1600-1900 M7 DEN v CZE RUS v SCO NOR v SWE SUI v GER ITA v LAT
2000-2300 w7 sui v lat est v swe ger v sco rus v fin den v cze
Wed 26 Nov 0900-1200 M8 SWE v SCO LAT v SUI CZE v RUS ITA v DEN NOR v GER
1400-1700 w8 sco v swe cze v rus lat v est den v sui ger v fin
1900-2200 M9 LAT v RUS CZE v NOR DEN v SUI GER v SWE SCO v ITA
Thu 27 Nov 0900-1200 w9 cze v est lat v ger sui v rus fin v sco swe v den
1400-1700 TB Tie-Breaker Session: (if required)
1900-2200 NEW TIME PO Playoffs (1v2 & 3v4): Men & Women
Fri 28 Nov 1300-1600 SF Semi Finals: Men & Women
1930-2230 BRZ Bronze Medal Games : Men & Women + World Challenge Games
Sat 29 Nov 1000-1300 FINAL GOLD MEDAL GAME: Women
after final MEDAL CEREMONY
2000 Closing Banquet at the Palladium
1. The Chief Umpire has the right to allocate sheets for Tie-breakers and Play-off games to take account of the games previously played.
2. First named teams play dark stones. Dark stones train first except in the first game where a coin toss will determine 1st and 2nd practice

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